Rotaract of Springfield, MO


Upcoming Events

Rotaract Meeting: February 26th 2020

Meeting at 12 noon at 425 downtown. Wednesday February 26th, speaker TBD.

Sunrise Rotary Visit

Join us as guests at Sunrise Rotary meeting on March 4th. Sunrise meets at Twin Oaks Country Club at 7 AM on Wednesday mornings. The speaker is Jon Taylor from Republic Warrior Sports.

Rotaract Meeting: Curtis Milsap

Join us March 11th at 425 Downtown at noon as we hear from Curtis Milsap of Milsap Farm notoriety!

Rotaract Meeting: Cora Scott and Kristin Milan

Join us on March 25th at the usual meeting spot for lunch and conversation. Meeting starts @ 12 noon. Our speakers for this meeting are Cora Scott and Kristin Milan. They will be informing us about the BUILD grant for business growth

Rotaract Meeting: April 8th 2020

Join us at 425 Downtown at noon for our bi-weekly meeting. The April 8th meeting will feature our local Rotary club's Presidents in a panel discussion.

Rotaract Meeting: Dickerson Park Zoo

Join us at 12 noon as Dickerson Park Zoo sends some of their public-facing speakers over to talk to us about the great things going on at the zoo! The meeting, as always, is at 425 Downtown!

All-City Rotary Meeting: May 13th

May 13th is the annual All-City Rotary Meeting. Details on location and time to come. Be on the lookout for sign-up materials at the next few Rotaract Meetings.

Rotaract Meeting: Spring Planning Meeting

Join us at 12 noon at 425 Downtown on May 27th as we discuss the year we have had and work on planning for the next year! Bring your thinking caps, feedback is what makes us grow. We need your ideas and input!