Rotaract of Springfield, MO

Our members are local young professionals between ages 18 & 30 who live and play in or around Springfield, Missouri.

We’re looking for members who are excited to meet new friends, help plan our annual benefits for local charities and volunteer with us around the community. We get to know each other even better at after-hours events and socials—sometimes with local Rotary Club members—and encourage our new members to take time to build great personal and professional relationships outside of our typical club meeting time.

Springfield Rotaractors have the unique opportunity to interact with key community leaders, create meaningful relationships with service-minded individuals and develop professional and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

"As a young professional, I was looking for an organization I could join to help make a difference in our community. Rotaract is a service-first organization, and using a service- and community-first approach, Rotaract has helped me foster new relationships with future Southwest Missouri leaders. By being connected to Rotary, I’ve been introduced to numerous current community leaders. These relationships grow from a desire to give back, not from a 'what can I sell you' approach, and they’ll last throughout my career. Getting involved with Rotaract has been a monumental boost to my career and personal growth."

Interested in Joining?

  • Visit a Rotaract Meeting As A Guest

    Check out our Member Directory to see if you already know a Rotaractor. If so, contact him or her and ask if you can be their guest! Don’t see anyone you know? No worries, contact us and one of our membership co-chairs will respond with upcoming meeting dates so they can greet you, sit with you and introduce you to other members. Lunch is on us—we hope you can come!

  • Submit Your Application

    Once you’ve attended a meeting as a guest, simply fill out an application and email it to us. Include a short bio using the space provided and our board will review it the first Wednesday of the month. Please feel free to continue attending meetings as our guest until we officially announce you as a new member. We want to get to know you!

Download Application

New Member Orientation Requirements

Once you’ve received your welcome letter and have been announced as a new member to the club, you must complete the following:

  1. Go to an orientation meeting with other new members.

    These are casual meetings, often held at popular lunch or happy hour locations in the area, where you can meet fellow members and learn more about what Rotaract is all about. Look for these events on our calendar and official Facebook page!

  2. Complete a Great Circle campus tour.

    Great Circle is the Rotaract Club of Springfield's signature charity and we volunteer there in some capacity monthly. Rotaract works throughout the year to raise funds for Great Circle and presents a check to them in July. We ask our new members to tour the local Great Circle campus to get acquainted with the organization and their mission. 

    Tours are conducted the first Wednesday of the month at noon and last approximately 30-45 minutes in length. Be on the lookout for upcoming group tours on our calendar or contact a membership chair to get a personal tour set up.

  1. Visit a Rotary Club as a guest.

    One of the goals of Rotaract is to motivate young professionals for eventual membership in Rotary. New members are required to visit one of the five Rotary Clubs in Springfield prior to induction.

    Check out their websites to see if you know any of their current members. You might reach out to them and ask if you can attend a meeting as their guest. Don’t know any Rotarians? Don’t worry, just ask us to connect you to someone.

    Rotary Club of Springfield
    (Downtown) meets every Tuesday at noon at MSU’s Kentwood Hall.

    Rotary Club of Springfield–Southeast
    meets every Thursday at noon at Ocean Zen.

    Rotary Club of Springfield–Sunrise
    meets every Wednesday at 7 a.m. at Twin Oaks Country Club.

    Rotary Club of Springfield–North
    meets every Tuesday at 7 a.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel.

    Rotary Club of Springfield–Metro
    meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. at 425 Downtown.

Annual Membership Requirements

  • Dues

    Annual dues are $375 (as of July 1, 2014) and include all meals, the member’s ticket to Double Dare and helps cover monthly community service and social budgets. Dues are prorated if a member joins in the middle of a fiscal year. Arrangements can also be made for monthly or quarterly payments if needed.

  • Committees

    Each member is required to serve on Rotaract’s Rock’n Ribs or Double Dare Committee. There is also a small Membership committee made up of co-chairs for those looking for a leadership opportunity or experience prior to serving on the board of directors.

  • Attendance

    Members are required to attend at least 60% of meetings and club functions, including at least eight regularly scheduled Rotaract lunch meetings per year.

  • Guests

    Members are asked to bring at least one guest during the fiscal year to help replace members as they turn 30 and to help facilitate growth.

  • Greeter

    To engage all Rotaractors, members are required to serve as a greeter during at least one club meeting throughout the year. Responsibilities include arriving early to set-up the check-in table, welcoming members, helping with sign-in sheets and name badges, encouraging members to participate in 50/50 for Great Circle, and helping clean up.

  • Community Service

    Members are required to attend one “Great Circle event” and one “other” service event offered by the Community Service Chairs during the year. Many members choose to volunteer at significantly more than one event!